Motivated Movers

Motivated Movers is the premiere program for professional artists seeking beginner dance training. Our holistic approach to dance and movement training is proven to help you excel both in and out of the audition room.  We choose to create a dance environment that celebrates growth and movement at every stage - making our classes unlike any others. 

At Motivated Movers...

  • We believe in a safe-space learning environment free of comparison and judgement.
  • We believe in celebrating the whole artist, placing personal and professional growth side by side.
  • We believe in cultivating community both on and off the dance floor. 
  • We believe YOU ARE ENOUGH. You have unique gifts to offer at every moment, at every audition.

On the dance floor, we will...

  • Set an intention for every class and audition

  • Hold our thoughts, words, and actions accountable

  • Utilize positive affirmations to keep ourselves present in the moment

  • Gain tools of assimilation to connect the mind and body through movement

  • Explore visual, auditory, and kinesthetic ways of learning

  • Empower one another to face our fears



The Team

Co-Founder, Executive Director
Elise Melendez

Co-Founder, Creative Director
Jesse Miller

Resident Teaching Artist
Anna Terese Stone

Resident Teaching Artist
Rachel Schur

Content Manager
Caitlin Hornik

Community Manager
Lisa Michelle Wyner

Collaborating Artist
Billy Bustamante