Alexa Soriano

Alexa Soriano - Motivated Movers Ambassador.jpg

Alexa is a singer, actress and poet living in NYC. She is overjoyed to join the Motivated Movers team as an ambassador!

Alexa received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Art and English Literature from Occidental College in Los Angeles, and spent six months abroad in Vienna, Austria to study classical singing.

She eagerly anticipates collaborating with fellow artists in both film and stage mediums to shine joy into the world.

Alexa delights in wind, clouds, twinkly lights, and secret staircases. And dancing of course!

Alexa strives to live every day characterized by charm, good taste, kindness and generosity of spirit.

A few words from our Community Ambassador...

The Motivated Community means support and friendship to me. It’s a family in New York, far from my family on the west coast, that is filled with love and joy and enthusiasm to try new things, work together to find solutions, and urge each other through technique challenges and choreography. The Motivated Community is constantly discovering creative ways to make auditions fun, ways we can support one another, and even how to create goals in the most soulful, full-hearted way. Motivated Movers constantly evolves according to the groups needs.

It is an open space where you feel safe to try new techniques and explore who you are.

We learn from one another and generate joy inspired by something always meant to be joyful: dance.


Embracing Movement...

My favorite way to embrace movement is to discover dance in ordinary and extraordinary places. I dance on the ice, even if it’s just small swoopy arm movements; I shimmy down the street; I sock skate and leap in my apartment; I twirl on the subway platform.