Alice Nora

Alice Nora - Motivated Movers Ambassador.jpg

Alice graduated from Western Connecticut State University with a B.A. in the Performing Theatre Arts. Since that time she has had the chance to work on many interesting and exciting projects. Some recent endeavors include Broadway Cabaret series at the Duplex. Including performing in Dead Legends as Janis Joplin (originated) at SF Theater Productions.  Alice has always loved and been involved with the arts in any form.  She started performing at the tender age of 5, when she was enrolled in voice  lessons where she flourished.  She participated in choirs during elementary, middle and high school as well as drama club.  She performed in many shows through university & regional theatre. She made her New York Stage debut in Songs for a New World "Woman 1" at Second Stage, singing "Just One Step" and "Flagmaker of 1776".  Some other credits include The Who's: Tommy (Acid Queen), Anton Chekov's The Cherry Orchard (Charlotta Ivanova), The Diary of Anne Frank (Edith Frank), and Steven Sondheim's Company (Sarah).  She currently resides in New York City with her fiancé Bryden & two cats, Whembly & Gobo.  

A few words from our Community Ambassador...

The Motivated Community means more than I can probably put into words. It is a creative space that allows me to work on myself. It gives me the freedom to get frustrated & annoyed but gives the tools to work through the rough patches & find the joy in the combination. A joyful, encouraging group that comes together for a common goal of becoming better confident movers.  It gets me excited to go to auditions, not just mover calls.   It grants weekly reminders why I am here, why I create, why I love theatre. The motivated community is the best choice I made for myself, my confidence, & my ever evolving career.

Embracing Movement...

I have two favorite ways to embrace movement.  One is going to the wonderful yoga studio in my neighborhood. The teacher is an invaluable resource of how to stretch and move mindfully.  Second is more fun, its silly dancing around my apartment with my fiancé. Impromptu, joyful, & organic.