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Ballet Fundamentals

At the heart of all movement, there are lessons to be learned from the world of ballet. Our newest programming is designed to help actors uncover these lessons and establish a foundation of technique that they can carry with them into theatre dance classes, auditions, stage presence, pedestrian movement, and more.  

We understand the array of images that ones mind conjures up when thinking of ballet class - painful pursuits of perfection, screaming teachers hitting the barre, squeezing into tights and leotards, constant state of discomfort, fill in the blank with horrible childhood memories, you name it! We are here to assure you that is not all ballet can be. Ballet is musical, insightful, nourishing and a fundamental requirement to study on your road to embracing movement. Let us help you transform your experience at the barre. 

Upcoming Session:

Thursdays, 2-3:30pm

September 13, 20, 27, & October 4

@ Ripley 131 W. 72nd St.

$110 Total

Resident Teacher - Stacey Abeles

Not Your Average Dance Class:  

  • Class sizes are small and tailored to the needs of the specific artists present.
  • Ballet shoes and tights are not required.
  • We will never film and post your journey to market our programs.
  • The learning happens both on and off the dance floor all week long.  
  • Our company exists solely for YOU, a "mover" in the musical theatre industry seeking guidance and training to improve your dance technique and confidence for the stage.

Walk Away With:

  • Dedicated Attention to Ballet Technique & Development
  • At-home Exercises for Continued Learning
  • Consistent 1-on-1 Time
  • Real-World Application Ideas
  • Private Slack Channel
  • Constant Community Support
  • Unlimited Access to the Motivated Movers Team
  • Option: Add Discounted Private Coachings 

NOTE: This workshop is open to all beginner and advanced beginner level dancers. 

Meet Your Teacher

Stacey Abeles - MM Headshot

Our newest team member, we are overjoyed to welcome Stacey to the Motivated Community. She brings with her extensive experience both onstage and in the classroom. Excelling at welcoming actors to the barre, Stacey is devoted to aligning artists with ballet so they can extract all its value as both new dancers AND active storytellers. 


"What if I am an absolute beginner?"

Good news!  You are why Motivated Movers was created in the first place.  Our classes are open to all varying basic, beginner, and advanced beginner levels.  We keep class sizes small so there is plenty of room for one-on-one attention.  We also adapt the classes to fit each individual artist in the room.  Our classes will always be about YOU and your unique journey.

"What if I have already taken a workshop with you?"

That's the beauty of dance, ever evolving! You will ALWAYS find new discoveries, encounter new obstacles, and conquer new goals.  While these classes are strong introductions to the community, they are also great ways to check in, realign, go back to the basics, or prepare your mind and body for auditions ahead.


"What if I'm not 25 anymore?"

Everyone in musical theatre will encounter the need to dance, learn choreography, and/or be comfortable with movement regardless of their age.  We focus on your body and what it needs at your beautiful stage of life.  We also tailor the class to fit all artists present in the room.  

More Questions? Ask Away!

Your Investment


4 Weeks / 1.5hrs per week

5% off Private Coachings during enrollment

Pay through online store. 

For information on payment plans, please contact us. 

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