Redefine Success: A Motivated Mission (Part 2)

REDEFINE Success Time to check in!

I hope you have all spent time over the past week formulating your own personal definition of success.  (If you are just tuning in now, visit our Part 1 blog to catch up!)  Now, the first thing I learned from myself is that this will be an ongoing process.  I have not set in stone my own personal definition, nor do I believe in creating such a concrete answer.  Success to me is bound to evolve as I grow.  I think I will make this worksheet a yearly discovery, allowing myself the room to reevaluate and redefine success on my own terms, every year, with careful consideration.  

How do you feel about your definition?  Perhaps you have always known what success is to you, perhaps your new definition is best-suited for you for the foreseeable future, perhaps you are still searching for the right words.  Either way, taking time to question, discuss, and ponder the word success is an enormous gift to yourself.  One you deserve.

What I have found most thrilling about my quest for success over the past week has been the conversations it has sparked with my loved ones.  First, it has only deepened and strengthened my relationships with others.  Taking the time to find out what success means to someone, what fulfills them, and where they are right now with their journey in those terms is truly beautiful.  I have been educated, inspired, challenged, and thrilled by numerous friends and family.  Second, the conversations have further opened my eyes and reaffirmed my desire to evolve how we view success.  Everyone truly does have their own unique formula that works for them.  Success to one is not even a priority to another.  This is precious.  Success is original to each individual.  And the pursuit of understanding others definitions of success strengthens your own convictions, expands your perception, and opens your heart.  

I would love to share with you some of the truly inspiring definitions of success our Motivated Movers team has shared this past week.  Perhaps you will find one you relate with.  Perhaps one will challenge you.  Perhaps one will spark a new idea.  Read their thoughts below…

Anna Stone, Resident Artist and Operations Manager

“I believe that if you wake up every day excited about what you are doing, and are making the world a better place along the way, you have found success. I believe that that is the secret, success isn’t a goal it is a movement towards a life filled with joy and value.”

Kathryn Grant, Copy Editor and Motivated Mover

“Success is not ultimately about reaching some huge, distant "end goal"; it's about the day to day, and if you focus on being the absolute best version of yourself you can be and take the small steps of dedication and perseverance toward your goals consistently, you will reach your ultimate goals of "success", no matter what, because absolutely nothing will be able to stop you in anything you choose to do.”

Kevin Melendez, Lead Designer

“The feeling earned when you study your reflection at the end of the day, and determine you’ve done all in your power to forge progress - however incremental.”

I find these definitions filled with possibility and joy.  An over-all encompassing idea that success is about TODAY, this moment, and how you choose to use it.  This makes success something you can conceivably achieve on a daily basis, and something that constantly challenges you to be better tomorrow.  

The biggest thing I have learned for myself is success and achieving a goal are not necessarily the same thing.  Do not think for a second that I am not an extremely goal-oriented woman.  I am.  Anyone in my life would agree with this statement.  What I am beginning to wonder is if achieving those goals fulfills my definition of success entirely.  I think they do in part, but I think it is the steps towards achieving those said goals that are the real point.  Pursuing my goals with moral and ethical clarity, empathy, stewardship, love, and joy.  This pertains to my relationships, personal growth, and career pursuits.  For me, the journey is where success is found.  The ending result becomes a well-deserved and well-earned gift.  

Maybe looking at success in this way inspires you to create two definitions of success, one about achieving your pursuits and the other about how you live your life on a day to day basis.  Either way, keep exploring your new definitions.  

Now the question is, how do we use these definitions for personal growth and to evolve our community?  Feel free to share your thoughts over the next week and we will continue brainstorming!