Heart to Heart: Our Lovely Caitlin Hornik

Heart to Heart

Getting to Know Caitlin Hornik...

We love Caitlin Hornik and you should too!  She is a constant ray of sunshine, inspiring artist, true Motivated Mover, and now our Social Media Manager!  Take a read, get to know her, and help us welcome her to our Motivated community! xoxo

E: When were you first drawn to the Motivated Mover community?

C: I was first drawn to Motivated Movers in January of this year. I had heard bits and pieces about them and then I saw an ad for Face the Fear, so I decided to investigate further. The rest is history!

E: What were you looking for? 

C: I had just finished a contract with Disney Cruise Line and was looking to strengthen my technique. I was feeling nervous about having to attend dance calls because I hadn't auditioned in about a year. My confidence was definitely low, which was odd because coming off a contract, you'd think I’d be feeling so great! I desired a safe space where I could deal with these negative thoughts I was having and where there wouldn't be any comparing myself to the person next to me.

E: What did you find?

C: I found the most encouraging and rewarding environment in the Face the Fear classroom. The space was safe and welcoming. I didn't feel any of my normal dance related anxieties during those five weeks. I have a new found confidence in my dance abilities and even go to dance calls for fun! Jesse and Elise got to know me and my story and were really able to help me hone my skills as a result. They are so much more than teachers; they are mentors and friends to me, and I am so grateful for the roles they now play in my life.

E: What new adventures does joining the Motivated Movers team bring?

I am extremely honored and humbled to be part of the MM team! It will definitely be an adventure as I learn to navigate the social media world and how I can best represent this company. I'm excited to make Motivated Movers' social media platforms part of people’s daily routines.

E: What are you most excited about?

C: I'm so excited to reach more people and invite them to be part of the MM community! We have so many wonderful programs and classes. I'm confident that once people get to know us, what we represent, and how we aim to help, they'll join our movement and love being part of this community!

E: How is movement incorporated in your every day life?

C: I'm known to spontaneously break into dance when I'm walking places. I especially enjoy doing leaps and turns as I cross New York City streets. Don't worry, I always look both ways first! I'm also always down for a dance party in my kitchen. It happens more often than I'd like to admit!

E: Do you have any unique stories about YOU and dance?

C: I do! When I was little, around two years old, I used to stand in front of the TV while Sesame Street and Barney were on and imitate the dances they did. My parents noticed this and thought it was just a phase. Little did they know! That all changed when I told them I wanted to dance and be on the stage. They told me I had to be potty trained if I wanted to take dance class. One week later I was trained, and soon after I began class. The rest is basically history!

E: What is your favorite dance audition outfit? 

C: Currently, it's a black Capezio leotard paired with a black and pink skirt from Lululemon. I'm a little obsessed, but I think it is so important to wear what feels good to you. Sometimes I wear my red leotard if I'm feeling especially confident!

E: What music pumps you up before an audition?

C: Uptown Funk! Always.

E: Have any great audition stories?

I took a class with a very well respected casting director recently. I was definitely a little nervous, when I pulled out my audition binder and felt something cold on my lap. Lo and behold, there was a smashed banana in my bag, and now all over my lap and binder as well. I scrambled to clean the music and myself up just in time for the class to begin. Needless to say, I don't ever put bananas in my backpack anymore.

As for a dance related audition story, I attended an invited dance call for Matilda when they were initially casting the Broadway production a few years ago. The first combo we learned was to "Loud." I was trying to breathe and perform the steps to the best of my ability. When it finally came time to do the routine for real, I felt good about it, but knew I messed up a specific section. The choreographer asked us to do it again and then came up to me. She said something along the lines of, "I know you can do this. Breathe." I did it again, performed MUCH better, and then received a callback. The moral of the story is don't forget to breathe! Anything is possible when you breathe. 

E: What inspires you?

C: People inspire me. My dreams and goals inspire me. But mostly, my desire to perform on a stage inspires me to work hard each day and never give up.

E: Who has had substantial influence on you as an artist?

C: So many people!!! People I look up to include Julie Andrews, Kristin Chenoweth, Audra McDonald, and Kelli O'Hara. The work these ladies have done is just incredible and so inspiring. Savion Glover also had a huge impact on me growing up and really cemented my love for tap from a young age. (Thanks, Sesame Street!) As for people in my personal life, my first voice teacher, Meg O'Brien, taught me just about everything I needed to know as an aspiring artist and I owe so much of my success to her. The same goes for one of my first dance teachers, Miss Anna, who taught me the basics of ballet, jazz, and tap. My high school chorus teacher had a profound impact on me in ways I'm still realizing. My current voice teacher, Julia Mendelsohn, is an incredibly supportive figure in my life. I could name a hundred more names here, but every single teacher I've had has had an impact on me in some way, and I am so grateful for each and every one of them. I've learned from each director, each educator, and each actor, and those experiences have undoubtedly shaped me into who I am today.

E: Where do you go for rejuvenation?

C: Disney World! Just kidding, I wish I could go there as often as I liked! As corny as this may sound, spending time with my boyfriend really inspires me and rejuvenates me. He is also an actor and works tirelessly to make his dreams come true. I always feel refreshed after spending a weekend, or any amount of time, with him. I will also read a book or take a dance class depending on what my mind and body need.

E: We love quotes. Introduce us to one?

C: I live my life by "Everything happens for a reason." I also love "What is meant for me will not pass me." (Thanks, Face the Fear!) and another favorite is, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." (Eleanor Roosevelt)

E: What is one piece of advice that has always stuck with you? 

C: Its actually a quote from the MTV show The Hills. "Life's hard. Get a helmet." It sounds silly, but in this business it's the absolute truth. You need a thick skin to handle the rejection that comes with the territory of being a performer. 

E: If you could share anything with the Motivated Mover community, what would you say?

C: Trust in your abilities and believe that you are enough! Try to always bring your best self into the audition room. Push those gremlins aside and be confident that you can do this!

Caitlin Hornik

You can learn more about Caitlin from her website at www.caitlinhornik.com and/or shoot her an email at caitlin@motivatedmoversnyc.com.