Into the Fear with Anna DeBlasio, Part 4

Into the fear

Have you been wondering what it's like to FACE THE FEAR with us?  Thought about signing up, but just not sure if it is worth it?  Over the next few weeks, as we gear up for our next session, check out our installments of "Inside the Fear".  This week we have a sneak peek into the classroom with one of our alumni who finished our most recent workshop, Anna DeBlasio.

Lots of lessons for Anna in her 4th and (almost) final week of facing the fear.

How can food and standing in the front line cause a major epiphany?  Find out after the jump!

Just Dance

by Anna DeBlasio

I'm tired today. I didn't eat quite enough to take a three-hour workshop/dance class. I take a sip of water, and I'll power through.


Warm-up time. Ooooh, hello back. Something cracks. Breathe. Ahhhh. Good.

Time to review our pirouettes. Jesse asks each of us how we felt. "Anna, I think your ballet background is causing you to approach it a bit daintily. Really plié deeply and give it that force." Oh, that's a good point. Being conscious of arms is helpful too.

It's funny, I think of myself as tough and powerful, which often translates when acting. However, it doesn't translate in certain movements. Okay so, GROUNDED. No more trying to be taller by being in the air. YES. Better form, girl [note my positive self-talk here, Team].

"Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go who we think we are supposed to be, and embracing who we are." -Brene Brown.

"Now, let's work with your authentic self. Grab your journals. Who are you?" I'm smart and stubborn and I love to read. I'm a great listener. I'm compassionate.

"What do you want?

Fill in the blanks with a selection from each answer. It will read:

I am _________ who will __________."

I am a stubborn listener who will use her gifts to help heal the world. I don't care if it sounds idealistic. We need more of that in this world. I want to bring the arts to prisons and underserved communities. I want to make art that speaks to all people. I want to hear stories, and I want to sing and dance and play. I want to be free.


Time for the Weekly Mock Audition. Kiss Me Kate. Oooh, that's a fun show.Goal: Let them see you loving it.

"Too Darn Hot."

Oooh, this choreography is fun. Smooooth. And drag, shoulder. Look, yeaaah.

Small Group Time. I watch two other groups go. I know this dance. Okay, my turn! I'm in the back and the others are in the front. 1 and 2 and 3 and ARMS and yes, I got this. I happen to look right. They aren't doing what I'm doing. They forgot the step. *I* forgot the step. Oh NO oh no oh no oh no. Landmark landmark, ah yes, KICK. I got it. I'm back. I got the end. Phew. Oh man.

Why did that happen? I wonder if I'm look at the choreographer too much while learning and then I don't actually know the dance? Hmmm, I'll see what happens next time. Shake it off. Breathe.

Round Two. "Anna, you'll be the point of the triangle. In front." Oh man. Okay, you know what? I always hide in the back. This is my chance. Okay. Just have fun. You already made a fool, so just do it.

Music Starts. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. Weeee! Slide, turn. This is fun. Mmmmm.

I DID it! Why though? How come I got it (the choreography and the personality) when I was in front but not when I could see the other dancers?

It's because I didn't trust myself. If I saw the other dancers doing something different, I assumed I was wrong. Well, no. This last time, I just trusted ME. I didn't forget it at all, and I enjoyed it. Smooooth.

Lesson Learned: I know how to do this. Trust that, and then just play.

Other Lesson Learned: EAT before dance.


Next week, we will have our final mock audition, with guest choreographer Billy Bustamante. Jesse went over a very thorough checklist for dance callback preparation and a day-of to-do list.  

I will not hide in the back. I will choose to breathe. I will visualize. I will set up the story. I will warm up. I will set a goal. I will check in with it. I will not check myself against fellow auditionees. I will just dance.

To be authentically you, you need to aim to create, not book the job.

I aim to create.

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Anna DeBlasio is a singer/actor and graduate of Loyola University Maryland with a BA in Theatre and English, summa cum laude. Aside from theatre, she works as a math tutor and freelance proofreader. In 2012, she traveled with Dramatic Adventure Theatre to Slovakia to teach theatre to Romani children and devise a play based on the team's research and experience. Passions outside of the arts include: reading, the human brain, mathematics, bike-riding, and being barefoot. She is interested in the intersection of the arts and social justice.