3 ways to forgive yourself when you don't show up (and a ground plan to never let yourself down again)


6am (snooze)

6:30 (snooze)

5 minute timer (buzz buzz, off)

6:45 (snooze)

7:15 (snooze)

5 minute timer (buzz buzz, off)

5 minute timer (buzz buzz, off)

5 minute timer (buzz buzz, off)

8:00 (snooze)


It's too late, I won't make the audition, and I feel the weight of crushing failure before I've even gotten out of bed.

This is what more of my audition mornings look like than not. I am going to be 100% vulnerable in this moment. It is scary for me to admit that I (frequently) make mistakes when it comes to navigating my career and auditions. I do not know it all.

How do you rebound from a day that is horrible before it even begins?

How do you pick yourself up by your bootstraps and keep going?

How do you face the next audition morning with the boldness and power one needs to feel successful, instead of the judgement, anxiety, and dread it will certainly cause?

There is a long term (and more hard hitting) path.

But I want to find a solution for the right now, because the right now, frankly,


Keep reading to find my 3 tips to get yourself on the road to forgiveness!


Jump into something creative.

If auditions aren't about booking jobs but rather are about creating-- then you'll still get the same high and sense of accomplishment. Get a practice room and go.

Go connect with someone.

Email a friend you’ve been missing or someone in the industry you've been wanting to connect with to set up a coffee date. If the get together is that day-- no shaming yourself for not showing up. You are there now :)

Take time for yourself.

Go to a yoga class. Drop into a dance class. Organize the revamps you want to do on your website. It is important that you show yourself some compassion in moments like this. Self-care is an important first step on the path to showing yourself a little more love.


We are all doing the best we can. Being a creative being in the world, let alone New York City (or wherever you are off creating!), can be a very difficult and vulnerable path. My failings this morning are the symptom of a much grander sickness, and it is a sickness that MANY OF US suffer from.

I don't respect myself.

I don't always see the value in my gifts.

I am down right mean to myself when I think about these things in my head. (Seriously, I would NOT be friends with someone if they spoke to me the way I speak to myself on days like this!)

Anyone else? Bueller?

I am ready to draw a line in the sand, TODAY. I am ready to take the next step so that the next time I am in this situation- I do not do this again.

Vulnerability in ALL forms is an important quality for an artist to have, but vulnerability doesn’t come without a price.

All month we will be exploring vulnerability and how to have your creative walls down while also protecting and loving yourself so that you are a successful and functioning artist!