The Technique of Taking Dance Class (Part 3)

Welcome to our 3rd installment in the Open Eyes, Open Mind, Open Heart series!

Taking class is not as easy as it seems.  All of the tools you need are present in the room and within yourself, but how do you access them? It's just a matter of putting it all together to set yourself up for success. Is it crazy to think it could be THAT simple?  Do you constantly compare to others? Do you feel inexperienced or unsure of etiquette? Well look no further; we’ve got you covered! In the spirit of honoring EMBRACING MOVEMENT, we break this puzzle down into 3 easy areas to remember and execute!

Successfully making it through a dance class can be broken up into 3 areas that allow you to stay mindful while also achieving greatly:


Open Eyes                                       Open Mind                                       Open Heart


When you approach class with these three areas in mind, you will find a new found sense of focus and be able to get the MOST out of your training!

This week  discusses 4 ways to use “Open Heart”.

(In case you missed the last two weeks discussion, read “Open Eyes” and “Open Mind”  first!)


Taking dance class with an Open Heart.


1)  Love Yourself - The mere fact that your are taking yourself to class is something to be celebrated.  You are doing something positive for yourself as an artist, a dancer, and a human.  How empowering is it to know that simply by arriving to class you have achieved success?!  Not every class is the same, just as not every day are we our best selves.  However, that does not mean we should not thank ourselves for the opportunity of growth we are giving ourselves, no matter what the ending may be.  Love yourself for your generosity, celebrate your individual success of showing up, and remind yourself of your unique, wonderful gifts.


You deserve to be celebrated.  Let every class be a celebration of self-love and worth!


2)  Embrace the Community - We are all in this together.  It may not always feel that way and we may lose sight of that, but it is true.  We are in this together as mankind. We are in this together as artists.  And we are united as Motivated Movers in an uplifting, supportive community.  When we celebrate the successes, struggles, and discoveries of others in our community we spread joy, positive energy, and love that will come back to us to help us on our own endeavors.  Find ways in class to be present for someone else.  Be generous in spirit, give kind words of support, and remind yourself and others that no one is alone as we are all on own path of self-discovery.


When we embrace community, we embrace possibility.


3) Celebrate Dance - Dancing is a joyful expression of ones self and that is to be celebrated!  It is a powerful, memorable form of communication that resonates deeply in our hearts and the hearts of audiences.  We dance for fun at the clubs, we dance to celebrate weddings, reunions, and proms, we dance to change social situations, and we dance to spread joy.  No matter where you are in your training, you can already do all of that with movement.  So take class to celebrate your ability to dance, your gift of language through movement, and the joy it can spread.  I personally guarantee the classes you celebrate will teach you the most, give the greatest, and uplift your heart.


To dance is a gift.  Celebrate it.  Love it.  Spread the joy of dance.


While you are working on keeping your eyes and mind open in class, never let it overshadow keeping your heart open. At Motivated Movers, we will always keep this our priority.  We hope you will too.


Let's open our hearts and celebrate dance together this week!


Motivated Movers