#BroadwayByJune | Week 4

Follow Director of Programming,  Anna Terese Stone , on her journey to #BroadwayByJune...

Follow Director of Programming, Anna Terese Stone, on her journey to #BroadwayByJune...

This past Wednesday I closed The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas at Merry-Go-Round Playhouse. This contract was a dream on so many levels, and I will be eternally grateful for how much I grew personally, artistically, and professionally. I was surrounded by such a fiercely talented and kind company of humans, I gained my equity card, and I was pushed to do things that were artistically outside of my comfort zone; things that in years past have been a source of great fear and anxiety for me. My parents even came to see the end of my run, which was incredible; they drove me to and dropped me off in the city before driving back home to Cincinnati. The evening we arrived in NYC we unloaded the car, said our goodbyes, and I headed back into my apartment after being away over a month. I sat on my bed and instantly I was flooded with an intense heaviness. My life as I knew it for the last 5 weeks had come to an end, and, as soon as I sat down in my room, it hit me that this life changing experience was really over.

For the last 5 weeks my days consisted of so many of the things that fill me up. Every night I was performing a show that I loved and enjoyed doing, I was surrounded by people and work that inspired me, and I was living in this beautiful and peaceful natural haven. My time spent in Auburn is now my dream for my day to day life. So the moment I realized that it was over, my post-show depression, as some might say, set in.

It’s amazing when something that happens so quickly, like this contract, ends up taking up so much room in your heart. I am incredibly grateful for my time in Auburn; it is a moment of my life that I will hold close to my heart as I continue navigating my journey. But, how do you close a chapter that was so wonderful and step into the unknown?  

To be completely honest: I am not 100% sure.

For my first two days at home I let myself live in that heavy feeling. I let my body sleep and rest and I watched a lot more Netflix than I normally would. I am a big believer in letting your body feel all emotion. We are not always happy and functioning at 100%, all of our emotions stem from something, and I believe you should honor that and not brush it away. But, I also recognize that there comes a point where you have to consciously begin to pick yourself up and navigate forward in your life.

So I am beginning to do just that. I set up dates with friends, I purchased tickets to go see a show that is benefitting a great cause, and I am piecing together my new routine that will keep me grounded and prepared to make #BroadwayByJune a reality. Things like creating a gym schedule, deciding what classes to take, and creating my audition calendar.

I am still living my post-show depression and navigating my way through it but as I begin brainstorming and creating these new systems and routines I need in place for #BroadwayByJune, it reminds me why I am here and ignites my fire to continue chasing my big dreams.

Letting go of something that was incredible is really hard, and it’s allowed to be hard, but I have so many wonderful things surrounding me right now, and so many things in front of me that I can’t wait to experience. So as I go through this week, I will be reminding myself that it is not about the destination, it is about the journey, and I cannot wait for everything this journey will unfold.           


Anna Terese Stone

Editor: Brian Crawford Scott

Anna Terese Stone

Director of Programming and Resident Teaching Artist