Set Your Intention for the New Year

Motivated Movers 2018 Intentions

Welcome to 2018 - a year of new beginnings, opportunity around every corner plus the one and only YOU who is so completely enough in this very moment. 

We thought we would get a bit personal with you this year and share our team's new focus. To shake things up a bit we are setting resolutions aside and committing to positive affirmations. We intend to enter this year embracing our authenticity and owning who we are.

Jesse Miller | Co-Founder and Creative Director
"I am ready and have everything I need in this moment."

Elise Melendez | Co-Founder and Executive Director
"I am loving, accepting, and nurturing all of me."

Anna Terese Stone | Director of Programming
"I have the power to choose to be joyful."

Caitlin Hornik | Content Marketing Manager
"I am unapologetically me and I am enough."

Lisa Michelle Wyner | Community Manager
"2018 is a marathon not a sprint. Keep breathing and pack some comfy shoes."

There will always be time for goal setting and ambition, but are we making enough time and space for loving exactly who we are? 

Let's make 2018 the year of living in our authenticity. 

If you would like to join our community in setting positive affirmations, and possibly seek some support and accountability through the process, join our exclusive Slack community dedicated to keeping our tribe inspired and aligned. 

Wishing you a new year filled with love, joy, and movement! 

Elise, Jesse, Anna, Caitlin, and Lisa