Dancing Through Fear: Week 1

Dancing Through Fear Challenge.png

Dancing Through Fear

A Month-Long Challenge with Motivated Movers

Week 1:

Did you know that fear and joy are closely related? That’s right. Some of the same chemicals that cause your body to experience “fight or flight” also help you feel happiness and excitement. Fear is something we experience in a wide range of ways, in all areas of our life, every day.

As artists, we all struggle with fear to some extent. Fear in both our personal and professional lives can be crippling, but the best part of overcoming our fears are the lessons we learn along the way and the people who help us conquer them. Having a network of artists you can turn to when these fears manifest is so important and helpful to maintain health, wellness, and inner peace.

As we wrap up a month where many of us load up on scary movies and haunted houses, we thought we could shed some light on the idea of fear. If you are an artist who benefits from self-reflection, who believes in challenging yourself, or who is striving for self-growth, we welcome you to take this journey with us. Embrace your fears by heading over to our Slack channel for your Week 1 challenge and community conversation.


Motivated Movers