Dancing Through Fear: Week 3

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Dancing Through Fear

A Month-Long Challenge with Motivated Movers

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Week 3:

As we dive into week three of our Dancing Through Fear Challenge, take a moment to reflect on the first two weeks. Where have you been successful in embracing and conquering your fears? Where could you use a bit more encouragement in doing so? Take those reflections and bear them in mind as we step forward towards week three.

Personal fear is tricky because it’s possible you may have been coping with it for longer than any other fears. It can also be considered more vulnerable to share because, well, it’s personal! We invite you to embrace those fears and the chance to be vulnerable this week. Dig a little deeper and see how you can benefit from talking about and finding solutions for your personal fears.

As a reminder, our Slack community is a 100% safe space. Being vulnerable and choosing to embrace fear is something we at Motivated Movers have the utmost respect for. If you feel similarly, join us here in our Slack channel.


Motivated Movers

Dancing Through Fear Challenge.png