Mental Health Memo #2

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At Motivated Movers, we are committed to continuing the conversation surrounding mental health. Everyone has mental health and can benefit from conversations around it. The more we talk, the more we help break the stigma.

Think of your daily life. There are probably a handful of things you do that cause you unwanted stress, anxiety, and negative feelings. Maybe there are jobs that you say yes to because you’re afraid of breaking out of your comfort zone. Maybe there are friends you agree to hang out with because you’re lonely, but maybe they also don’t make you feel your best. You always say yes. But have you ever considered saying “no?”

Saying no is a powerful tool we all can tap into to take better care of ourselves. Committing to these things that aren’t a “heck yeah!” internally can lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety, costing us peace of mind at times. No one deserves to feel this way. The stacking of these events over time can negatively affect mental health and mental/emotional well being.

In choosing to say “no,” you are giving yourself control over a situation and the accompanying feelings. This can help us break out of our comfort zones and routines, while also allowing for vulnerability and compassion. If saying no is going to remove yourself from a stressful or emotionally taxing situation, wouldn’t you choose to protect yourself?

If these people, places, events, etc are no longer serving you mentally and emotionally, consider saying no. It’s not only freeing, but can allow for an emotional release that will help you regain a feeling of control and a sense of self!

Keep your eyes peeled for more Motivated Mental Health Memos as we continue an open dialogue surrounding mental health in our community.

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Motivated Team Author

Caitlin Hornik

Director of Community Engagement