Spotlight: Sarah Wyatt

Sarah Wyatt Headshot

Sarah Wyatt is an accomplished artist hailing from Chardon, Ohio. She’s a foodie who enjoys yoga, laughing with friends, and being outside. Sarah opened up to us to share her dance story in her own words.

I started dance when I was about 8 years old. Although I was never the strongest dancer, when I first moved to NYC I felt confident enough for performances or going to dance calls. I left the city for two years on contracts and returned two years later in 2016.

I went to a musical theatre dance class and everything changed. That class took a shot at my self-esteem as a dancer and it hit hard. I thought, “I am definitely not a dancer, I can’t do this...maybe I need to re-shift my thinking about this.” I’m a singer/actor first anyway, so it was easy to discourage myself in dance. I started giving up. I still went to class because I loved it and I knew it was important. But I did it with the mindset that I'm just not a “New York City dancer” and I never will be. "You need to present yourself as a mover, Sarah. You can’t go to dance calls or pretend like you can do this, you look like a fool.”

I would get callback after callback and always get cut at the dance portion.  My brain had put up such a wall. No matter what I would do, I just couldn’t remember choreography… I was messy, all over the place and constantly defeated. I really needed to step up my game. With these dance callbacks creating a roadblock in my career, I started taking mover workshops in addition to my regular classes. I was working really hard and seeing some improvement, but I was still missing the mark.

Photo Credit: James Jin Images

Photo Credit: James Jin Images

The real game changer was the Face The Fear Workshop with Motivated Movers. Anna and Colleen really helped shift my perspective. I started getting out of my own way by getting out of my head, and I found the joy of dance again. It’s such a cliché, but it’s so true. I enjoyed dance for the art form that it is and because of that I really started improving. I very quickly started to pick up faster, execute the moves and tell a story!! 

It opened up a deeper understanding of the value in creating art with other humans. Even in a small room for only a few short hours, and you never see those people again. We were created to be able to create, and what a gift that is! I was able to learn new things, sharpen the skills I had, recognize my strengths and weaknesses accurately, and all with a refreshed perspective.

I am so grateful for the staff of Motivated Movers and all that they are doing in meeting a need that is deeper than what we bring to an audition room.

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