The Well

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Dear Storytellers,

Welcome to THE WELL. This is a place for you to come each month to feed your creative soul. It is the beginning of audition season; a time of transitioning out of the busy summer work season; a time of getting back into your groove of side gigs, classes, self tapes, AND dance callbacks. I bow down to each and every one of you who is preparing for your alarm to go off at 5am tomorrow, by showering tonight and packing your backpack of dreams and determination the night before. You are the heroes of this industry. You never stop. You take rejection like you take sugar in your 6am coffee at the PAX on 520 8th Avenue. You get knocked down one hundred times a week, but you get back up one hundred AND ONE times a week. I see you walking along audition row (thanks, @m-powerstudio for that one) with your full face and your hair curled. You got this.


But how do you keep going once January hits, and the drought begins? How do you keep showing up through the summer months for yourself and your goals, when that compare-despair fear is brewing within your guts? How do you show up for the next audition season stronger than the last?


You have to fill the well.


You need to download all of the hard stuff, and upload all of the good stuff. The good stuff can be a lot of things: a journaling practice, a meetup group that has nothing to do with the industry, one close friend who really gets it and holds space for you when you need it, long hikes far away from the city, baby or puppy time, visiting museums, binge watching your favorite comedy series, reading a good book… it all counts. Not only does all of that count, it is a vital part of your creative life.


Most of you have probably heard the phrase, “It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon”. As it applies to the life of an artist - particularly an actor - nothing could be more true. Think about what it takes to complete a marathon. Months and months of showing up every day to do the same thing you did yesterday: run. Trying to reach new pace and distance goals immediately after you’ve achieved your goal from last week. Attempting to get into the eight-minute-mile group. Planning your meals and your other workouts around your run schedule. Committing to running the marathon by paying for, or raising money for, your spot in the race. Waking up as the sun rises the day of the race. Planning out your course. When will you take water breaks? When will you have those quarter-bananas they hand out? When will you eat those Gatorade jelly beans you put in your pocket? What playlist will you listen to? What will be your mantra when you want to give up at mile 18? It is exactly like planning for a lifelong career in the arts. So much planning and sacrificing for one goal: to finish the race. Notice I didn’t say win the race. The goal is to sustain a life in the arts; to enjoy a long and magically surprising career.


THE WELL is here for you, when you need that water break during your race. Each month, there will be food for your soul and your creativity. I will do my best to provide you with creative sustenance in many forms. Visit THE WELL whenever you need to. My hope is that it will give you the monthly dose of validation and inspiration that you need to finish your race.


I’ll see you at THE WELL next month.

Stephanie Card - Motivated Movers

Stephanie Card

Resident Teaching Artist