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Your Motivated Audition Log


It’s here! Have you been looking for a way to keep your auditions motivated AND organized? Well look no further!

This log is a simple way to stay focused, positive, and organized while crushing your goals this audition season (well, what’s left of it anyway!) and beyond.

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The Nitty Gritty


Obviously, keeping track of what, when, and who you audition for is important, but you may be asking yourself why we also think you should track what you wore, what you performed, and how you feel.

We believe that auditions all come back to showing your authentic self in the audition room.  We REALLY believe that this “authentic self principle” is what it is ALL about, but more on that another day. Things like what you wore, your work (monologue or song), and what you danced to can be helpful because these are all things we can control. These are all areas where we can gain our confidence OR maybe accidentally self-sabotage. Now you may be saying, “Well, hey! I can’t control the choreography!” and you’re right, but you CAN control remembering it for the NEXT time you audition for that show. We firmly believe that doing your homework can be a game changer in the room. Let’s set you up for success!

Read on for an easy guide to our game changing tool!


Name & Date

Obviously, keeping track of these two things are pretty important, but for the sake of this step by step walk through... It had to be included!

*PRO TIP* Write the audition name and date in ahead of time in pencil to hold yourself accountable to going! If you don’t attend, don’t stress, just erase and move on to the next audition!


Audition log 2.png


Remembering what you wore is helpful because it directly ties into how you feel. We are all about feeling great in ALL aspects of your audition here at Motivated Movers, so keeping track of this can be helpful for the next time you audition!

My Work

What you sang, what monologue you performed, or what song you danced to is super important as you go through your career! How great would it be to go to an audition and 6 months later when you are auditioning for that show again, have something to jog your memory so you can audition stronger than you did before!


Audition log 3.png

In the Room

Keeping tabs on who you are in front of is super important for relationship building in and out of the audition room. If you want to keep getting “in the room where it happens”, you have to build relationships! Never miss the opportunity to show your authentic self to those who inspire you! You can also use this section to keep track of your thoughts on these people. You may think you’ve found your director soulmate OR that you really didn’t like the way the casting assistant ran the audition. Track these here for knowledge next time!

Audition log 4.png

I Felt

It is important to track how you FELT at an audition for a few reasons.

  1. It directly impacts how you performed in the room.
  2. How you feel is one of those things, believe it or not, that you can control! Since we are always striving to find ways to find places of power in the audition process, this is helpful to claim power in your feelings!
  3. There is opportunity for growth here! Tracking how you feel allows you to see progress and honor it!


Audition Intention

In our 5-week premiere audition workshop for movers, Face The Fear, we work to solidify and clarify our “Desired Audition Feelings”.  These feelings lead to intentions/goals that you can set each time you walk in the room. We find that when you set an intention or goal for your audition, you are more successful.  The audition suddenly transforms from a desperate search for a job, and instead becomes about the intention.



The core of the audition log

The next three questions are what we believe will set you, a member of the Motivated Mover’s Community, apart from the rest of the pack. By actively choosing to focus on these three things and TRUSTING yourself, your training, and your talent, you can and will audition better. Casting and Creatives don’t want to hire a musical theater robot; they want to hire authentic artists.


I am choosing to audition because... 

This is SUCH an important thing to declare and hold on to as you go through the audition process. By zeroing in on WHY you are there in the first place and declaring it before you step into the room, you can get in touch with who you are as a performer.

Examples we love: “I am choosing to audition because…”

  • I want to create a connection with this casting office.

  • I admire this director/choreographer and I want to continue to foster our relationship.

  • I want to challenge myself to feel comfortable in the uncomfortable.

  • The music in this show makes me happy!


If your immediate reaction is to write “to book a job”, we IMPLORE you to rethink and challenge yourself to think outside the box. By putting the stress of “booking or else” on EVERY audition, you are setting yourself up for failure each time. The odds as actors are just never really in our favor. Remember though, every day people do book their dream roles, achieve their dreams, and create beautiful art. This statement allows you to keep your artist-self in perspective and focused as you enter the room.


One positive affirmation:

  • “I affirm I will stay present in the room.”

  • “I affirm that I showed up!”

  • “I affirm I will connect with my joy while dancing”.

Motivated Movers LOVES positive affirmations. We end every class with them to allow us to keep everything in perspective. These are statements to hold onto and keep you going when times are good and bad. By putting it out in the world, it makes it possible. If you say it you can do it!


One thing I learned:

We are not in the business of focusing on ONLY the good or only the bad. There is no place for growth if you aren’t learning. By declaring one thing you learned from every audition, you can close the door with pride, know what to work on next time, and MOVE ONTO THE NEXT. Auditions must roll off your shoulders; if you decide to carry each one with you, it will become too much to handle. No person should be expected to shoulder that kind of burden. It gives you the freedom your artist-self needs to keep going and keep creating.

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Positive change in the audition process is something that Motivated Movers is VERY passionate about. We want to change the culture around auditioning. We want to inspire our community to look at auditioning with rose colored glasses instead of approaching it as a necessary evil to booking a job. Why not use it as an opportunity to create art at every turn? As an opportunity to make a new friend or find a new inspiration? To cultivate positive connection instead of enforce self doubt? We empower you to embrace every audition as an opportunity to be your AUTHENTIC SELF and turn each experience into an opportunity of YOUR choosing.