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Motivate your Auditions

We believe that auditions all come back to showing your authentic self in the audition room.  We REALLY believe that this “authentic self principle” is what it is ALL about, but more on that another day. Things like what you wore, your work (monologue or song), and what you danced to can be helpful because these are all things we can control. These are all areas where we can gain our confidence OR maybe accidentally self-sabotage. Now you may be saying, “Well, hey! I can’t control the choreography!” and you’re right, but you CAN control remembering it for the NEXT time you audition for that show. We firmly believe that doing your homework can be a game changer in the room. Let’s set you up for success!

Read on for an easy guide to our game changing tool!

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How to show up for yourself as an artist: Be Vulnerable

This blog is part one of a multi- month series on “How to start showing up for yourself as an artist”.  Why,you may ask? Because YOU are your biggest advocate. No one knows what you are capable of, except you.  In your finest and darkest hour, YOU must be the one who is in control of the situation. That means that YOU must show up for yourself everyday, just as you would show up for your best friend, brother or sister, husband, boyfriend, mom or dad in their hour of need. Read on to see how being vulnerable can start your journey!

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