Motivated Movers: Chicago Edition

Photo Credit: James Jin Images

Photo Credit: James Jin Images

For more than six years, professional artists in and around New York City have developed confidence on the dance floor with Motivated Movers. From private coachings to intensive technique workshops, we have watched in awe as the Motivated Community has grown—facing fears, taking on dream roles and embracing movement on stages across the country. 

With joyful hearts we are thrilled to announce Motivated Movers will be expanding its reach to the Chicago arts community this fall with its very first Face the Fear workshop, led by Co-Founder, Elise Melendez. We know every actor has something to share through movement and it’s high time we share this mission with our colleagues in the midwest. 

If you know someone who is seeking to do more than just survive a dance call, who wants to discover the joy of movement, please share your experience and extend an invitation to join us.  

Cheers to the upcoming year of growth! 

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