#MotivatedArtists | Rachel Schur

Heart to Heart with Rachel Schur


Welcome to the first installment of our bi-weekly series, #MotivatedArtists! This series is designed to highlight and applaud the members of our community and their many incredible accomplishments. 


To start, we are thrilled to welcome Rachel Schur to the Motivated Movers Community as our newest Resident Teaching Artist! Read on for advice, insight, and more as Rachel takes us through her journey.

1) Tell us a bit about your journey with movement and dance. Is there a particular reason or moment you've experienced that has inspired your dance journey?

I actually grew up in my mom's dance studio. I don't remember a time where I wasn't dancing or singing :). Dance and movement have always made me happier. If I am moving, sweating, jumping, turning, or just dancing with my dog, I feel like I have more of a purpose. Its such a beautiful way to transfer pent up energy or tell a story.

2) Have you encountered any obstacles or challenges in your movement/dance journey? How did these moments encourage or inspire you to continue on?

Dance is so very hard. The only way we can make it look effortless is by truly hard work. There are times when I suffered injuries that set me back, but through PT, persistence, and an open mind, I came out stronger and more fearless to try new styles or new physical challenges. 

3) Do you have a favorite moment or experience from your time in Jersey Boys?

I went in for the show a few times before I got it so I would say the first night I ever did the show was such a rush of excitement and pride. It was like "omg! I did it!" Obviously my broadway debut was also such a beautiful night. Belting out the music and knowing I had so much love surrounding me was truly unforgettable.

4) Any advice for movers out there who may be hesitant to dive in and embrace movement?

There are so many ways we hear about how to "book it" or "make it". Those type of classes and ideas can sometimes feel paralyzing. Sometimes you just want to move and feel good in your body because you are an artist first and foremost and you don't want to have to feel like someone is judging you. I totally get not wanting to jump into something that you're not confident with just to have someone tell you what you did "wrong". But that is not what we are. We want to inspire the dancer and creator inside you! I know some choreographers who aren't trained dancers. They are artists and they know how to tell a story. That's all it is :)

5) What inspires you as an artist and as a human?

I love humor. Comedians like Louis CK and Jerry Seinfeld find ways to make the everyday of life so hilarious, you cry laughing. I think laughter is such wonderful medicine. I am always drawn towards simple stories with a lot of laughter and heart.

6) In addition to dance, are there other ways you like to embrace movement? 

Staying active is important for me because first and foremost it keeps me sane. I used to teach dance cardio and yoga and those are still two ways for me to stay in shape. 

7) Where are some of your favorite NYC spots? Cafes, parks, restaurants, etc.

Anything with pasta is my favorite- Eataly, Spaghetti Incident, Jin Ramen, Upland. Basically Aziz Ansari and I are probably soulmates.

8) Anything else you'd like to share?

I have a super cute dog and we have dance parties if anyone ever wants to join!


Rachel, thank you for sharing your insight, experience, and heart with us! For more information on this stunning artist, visit her website at www.rachelschur.com or Click Here!

Motivated Theatre Technique Bootcamp

As Motivated Movers newest Resident Teaching Artist, Rachel will be leading our upcoming July Motivated Theatre Technique Bootcamp starting this Monday, July 10 from 4-6pm at Nola Studios. A month dedicated to advancing your dance technique just in time for the rapidly approaching audition season!

Curious about joining the workshop? There are only a few spots remaining. Click below to find out more information and register!