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How to show up for yourself as an artist: Be Vulnerable

This blog is part one of a multi- month series on “How to start showing up for yourself as an artist”.  Why,you may ask? Because YOU are your biggest advocate. No one knows what you are capable of, except you.  In your finest and darkest hour, YOU must be the one who is in control of the situation. That means that YOU must show up for yourself everyday, just as you would show up for your best friend, brother or sister, husband, boyfriend, mom or dad in their hour of need. Read on to see how being vulnerable can start your journey!

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Into the Fear with Anna DeBlasio, Part 4

Have you been wondering what it's like to FACE THE FEAR with us?  Thought about signing up, but just not sure if it is worth it?  Over the next few weeks, as we gear up for our next session, check out our installments of "Inside the Fear".  This week we have a sneak peek into the classroom with one of our alumni who finished our most recent workshop, Anna DeBlasio.

Lots of lessons for Anna in her 4th and (almost) final week of facing the fear.

How can food and standing in the front line cause a major epiphany?  Find out after the jump!

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