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Dance Conditioning for Flexibility

Saturday, February 9, 2-3pm @ The Growing Studio

Teacher: Katy Kauffman

Open Level

Focus: Flexibility Training

  • Elements of Safe, Healthy & Effective Stretching

  • Flexibility Assessment

  • At-Home Training Options

  • Anatomical Knowledge

  • Individual Guidance

Dance Conditioning Masterclass Series

You are in class working diligently on growing your dance technique and learning choreography quicker, but it’s not going at the speed you would like. There is never enough time or finances to take all the classes you need. That is ok! Our Dance Conditioning Masterclass Series will provide you with the tools you need for an at-home routine that will compliment the work you are doing in the studio and always be available to you no matter how little your time is that week. Let us guide you towards developing work you can do to improve strength, flexibility, balance and articulation both on the go and at home.

What is Dance Conditioning?

Dance conditioning is the perfect way to focus in on your body and what it needs to develop into a dancer. Every style of dance takes strength, flexibility, and endurance but one class a week will not build those three areas. If you are ready to invest in the sweat equity it will take, we can help build your body to rise to the occasion.

Why Dance Conditioning Masterclasses?

  • Join a group of motivated artists fighting for growth

  • Learn how you can do the work on your own time

  • Discover methods to build strength and flexibility

  • Build your endurance one step at a time

  • Understand how this will help your body in dance class

Additional Opportunities:

Virtual Coachings

  • Build an at-home strengthening routine

  • Identify and target your areas of growth

  • Be held accountable by your guide

  • Do the work no matter where you are located

In-Person Coachings

  • Build an at-home strengthening routine

  • Reap the benefits of targeted 1-on-1 guidance

  • Identify and target your areas of growth

  • Compliment your work in dance class




Saturday, February 9


@ The Growing Studio

Your Investment



Virtual Coaching

30 Minutes = $45

1 Hour = $65

In-Person Standard Coaching
1 Hour = $95

Bundle of 3 = $280

Bundle of 6 = $530
*$10 off per Coaching

* 10% while enrolled in a full workshop

Class Policies & Procedures

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