Your Beginner Dance Audition Technique Workshop

Photo: James Jin | Video: Tim Grady Films

Upcoming Chicago Session

Winter Dates TBD

Take a look at our weekly Beginner Theatre Dance class in the meantime.

Teacher: Co-Founder, Elise Melendez

A 5-week audition workshop focused on preparing actors for movement calls, Face the Fear is designed to hone your audition skills by:

  • Building a foundation of dance technique

  • Learning methods of choreography assimilation

  • Exploring a wide range of stylistic movement vocabulary

  • Applying mindfulness methods to remain present in each moment

  • Practicing every component of a dance audition, repeatedly

Most importantly, our aim is to help you embrace your unique gifts as an actor - so you can successfully embrace movement on every dance floor.  

Walk Away With:

  • 1-on-1 goal coachings

  • Concentrated weekly 3 hours on the dance floor

  • Private Slack channel for unlimited questions & support

  • At home exercises and preparation

  • Industry insight and expertise

  • Accountability partners

  • Exclusive access to the Motivated Team

  • Final mock audition with a special guest artist

  • Endless community support

  • New found confidence to take into dance auditions

Note: Class size is limited to 8 artists. 

Together, we can change your experience of movement calls.

Face the Fear was like a breath of fresh air. Through the class I became more confident in my movement, I was armed with techniques to retain combinations in the audition room and I was empowered to believe in myself and my ability to succeed.

Your Investment

3 Hours a Week for 5 Weeks
15 Hours Total

*Total Value of $375

3 Month Payment Plan

Class Policies & Procedures

Meet Your Teacher

Elise teaching shot.png

Elise Melendez

Co-Founder of Motivated Movers and your weekly guide through the workshop.



"Before taking Face the Fear, I was afraid that I would never dance well enough to be cast in anything, that my curvy shape was not compatible with being a successful mover/dancer. Other dance classes made me feel inferior and ashamed that I wasn't a better dancer. Face the Fear was like a breath of fresh air. Through the class I became more confident in my movement, I was armed with techniques to retain combinations in the audition room and I was empowered to believe in myself and my ability to succeed."

- Lily Womble

"I found the most encouraging and rewarding environment in the Face the Fear classroom. The space was safe and welcoming. I didn’t feel any of my normal dance related anxieties during those five weeks. I have a new found confidence in my dance abilities and even go to dance calls for fun! Jesse and Elise got to know me and my story and were really able to help me hone my skills as a result."

- Caitlin Hornik

"If you're an actor/singer who wants to be more comfortable/confident with movement and dance this is the class for you! If you're a total beginner dancer through intermediate this is the best dance class in NYC. The small class sizes mean you get a lot of personal help/corrections/attention. These classes have completely changed my outlook on dance and myself as a mover. Life changing!"

- Cynthia Whitman

"Actor/singer friends in NYC, if you want to be more confident with movement, with dance, and even just being more present and comfortable in your body as a performer, this is the class for you! I can attest that these ladies are the best beginning dance teachers I've ever worked with! If you've never ever danced ever in your life that's great, or if you've danced a bit but are scared by movement callbacks, or if you struggle with picking up choreography quickly in rehearsals, Sign Up!"

- Alexa Soriano


"What if I am an absolute beginner?"

Good news!  You are why Motivated Movers was created in the first place.  This class is open to all varying basic, beginner, and advanced beginner levels.  As both Elise and Jesse will be teaching, there will be options and demonstrations best suited for your current level.  PLUS, this class is about facing the fear of dance calls and learning how to turn them into a joyful, creative experience.  (The goal is not to make you a ballerina.)

"What if I can't make one of the classes?"

We all have hectic lives and crazy schedules.  We can work around it.  Missing one class should not keep you from joining the program.  This intensive is ongoing throughout the five weeks and is not just about the three-hour in studio time each week. Plus, we can always set up a meeting that week to go over the concepts discussed in class to get you up to speed. PLUS: We can always meet for a discounted private coaching that week to keep you dancing.

"What if I'm not 25 anymore?"

Everyone in musical theatre will encounter the need to dance, learn choreography, and/or be comfortable with movement regardless of their age. We focus on your body and what it needs at your beautiful stage of life.  We also tailor the class to fit all artists present in the room.  


"What if I don't have the money right now?"

"Money makes the world go around" and it makes us crazy too!  We understand and find ourselves constantly thinking the same thing.  First, that is why we have created the payment plan option.  This is a way for you to break up the payments into monthly, manageable costs.  Second, if you still need more help, PLEASE ASK!  We want you to invest in your career, but more importantly in your highest potential.  Help us help you.

"What if it seems like a lot to commit to at the beginning of audition season?"

We want you to walk into the audition room this season with joy and confidence, eager to create.  This takes preparation, dedication to yourself, and TIME.  Think of this as an investment.  Through the support of the group we will help you manage time and soak up every last drop of empowerment the program will bring you.

More Questions? Ask Away!