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Breathe in Community. Exhale Reality. 

Reality that you are in control and can utilize the power of connection. That you have your own individual light that shines from within. That you have a community of supportive artists to fall back upon.                                                                                                                                                       
Experience this on April 12th when Motivated Movers, Laluz, and RealiTcheck come together to bring a dose of hygge to our community.

Thursday, April 12

9am - 12pm | Ripley Grier 520, Studio 17A


Your Path to Hygge

9:00am Dose of RealiTcheck

9:15am Laluz Guided Meditation 

9:30am Motivated Mind & Body Warm-Up 

9:45am Connect & Celebrate

10am Repeat

11am Repeat Some More

All artists are welcome. Come and go as your day deems necessary.




What are we? Another tea company! Only we like to have a little fun when it comes to a daily reminder by putting special phrases on the tags. Sometimes we are a little less "You are the light" and a little more "what does that even mean?". We want to remind humanity to come back down to earth a little bit .....so we made a tea.... its a special blend...

You're welcome.




Every groundbreaking app begins with a small thought (usually in the shower) and blossoms into a mission. At LALUZ, we believe that artists are more powerful than they can possibly conceive, even with the opulent imaginations that guide them. It's understanding how to care for and train your mind as much as you care for and train your instrument that's generally missing. We want to be your Guiding Light to finding your inner light from first audition to final bow, and everything in between.



Motivated Movers  

Motivated Movers is the premier program for performing arts professionals seeking beginner dance training in New York City. We are dedicated to cultivating connection, collaboration, and community - placing them at the forefront of creative development by applying a holistic approach to movement training and professional artistic growth.