Jennifer Haining

Jennifer Haining - Motivated Movers Ambassador.jpg

Jenny's passions range from musical theatre to commercial acting to voiceover and beyond. She recently had the pleasure of performing Ladies In Waiting: The Judgement of Henry VIII (winner 'Best International Play' at Hollywood Fringe) and BIlly and the Golden Pencil (up at Barn Arts Collective in Maine). She works often with Drew Gasparini and has done a few concerts showcasing his work, most notably Keeping The Party Going at 54 Below. When she's not onstage, she is working Production Assistant jobs all over the city. Some highlights include The Bad Years with Kerrigan and Lowdermilk and After Trek on CBS (for which she did some voiceover work as well!) She is proud and honored to be joining the community at Motivated Movers.

A few words from our Community Ambassador...

The Motivated Community is a constant reminder that I am enough. It drives my passion forward, and teaches me to control my body, while simultaneously setting free the fire inside. The women on this team are some of the most genuine, most hard-working humans that I know. Every day with them on the dance floor finds me relaxed, re-invigorated, inspired, and accompanied by an unwavering wall of safety and support. This community teaches me to keep moving, to believe in myself, to find modifications to make me the best dancer, actor, singer, that I can be. Whether we are together in an audition or going about our lives, this community has taught me to love myself, forgive myself, learn more about myself and confidently proceed with fierce determination.

Embracing Movement...

My favorite way to embrace movement is to lose myself in the moment. One particular class with Motivated Movers changed my entire perspective on dance. With a difficult social and political climate, MM held a class with a simple goal. We were to express ourselves through movement, fight some demons, stop judging ourselves, listen to the words of a song and let our emotions flow. It was one of the most important nights of my life since moving to NYC, and some of the best dancing I have ever done.

Losing yourself in a moment allows you to fully connect with not only your own body, but the energy of the dancers around you. I take the lessons I have learned here into my voice lessons, into my day job, everywhere that I can. I take the way I felt at the height of my movement and can step back and say, "I was relaxed. I was fully enveloped, I wasn't judging myself, I was fierce, I wasn't sorry for feeling what I felt, and I never fought my own body. I knew what was right and I danced, and it was as simple as that." Everything, at it's base, is as simple as listening to your body and responding in kind. Everything is about getting lost in what your mind knows is right and trusting it enough to get where you're going.

Motivated Movers embraces movement and joy and connection, and teaches you how to take that, add a whole lot of technique, and slay your next audition.