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Motivated Mover Call is a mock audition taught by resident and guest artists so you can keep strengthening your audition skills.  The difficulty of a dance audition is that you don’t get to prepare choreography ahead of time. So much of a dance call is observing how you learn, how you face challenges, how you assimilate, and how you stay true as an actor when moving.  Motivated Mover Call helps you keep flexing your audition muscle so you feel confident and prepared.



"This class literally changed my view of myself and my future. If you at all feel insecure in your movement, afraid to go to a dance call, feel unable to remember choreography- take this class. Your confidence and ability-levels will skyrocket." 

-Lily Womble

"Finding Motivated Movers was one of the first steps to making a positive change in my life. Unexpectedly, it was everything I needed at that time... I have always loved to dance. Dance never came naturally to me, but it felt so good to nail a routine down and feel one with the music. It brought immense joy, even though it doesn’t always show on my face. However, I had already labeled myself “not a dancer”. This quickly went away while meeting Jesse and Elise. I could go on and on about them and what barriers they have helped me break down. Their presence alone has helped me melt away the impossibilities I was feeling." 

- Mariah Ciangola



"What if I am an absolute beginner?"

Good news!  You are why Motivated Movers was created in the first place.  Our classes are open to all varying basic, beginner, and advanced beginner levels.  We keep class sizes small so there is plenty of room for one on one attention.  We also adapt the classes to fit each individual artist in the room.  Our classes will always be about YOU and your unique journey.

"What if I have already taken a workshop with you?"

That's the beauty of dance, ever evolving! You will ALWAYS find new discoveries, encounter new obstacles, and conquer new goals.  While these classes are strong introductions to the community, they are also great ways to check in, realign, go back to the basics, or prepare your mind and body for auditions ahead!

Your Investment

Mover Call w/ MM Team
2 Hour Master Class

*$5 off for returning students
*$15 while enrolled in Face the Fear

Mover Call with Special Guest Artist:
2 Hour Masterclass

*$5 off for returning students
*$20 while enrolled in Face the Fear

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