Your Dance Tribe

We have dedicated 5+ years on the dance floor introducing artists to fundamental dance training and nurturing their potential as authentic storytellers through movement. Through our experience, we have reaffirmed our belief that what happens on the dance floor is not enough. The artists that fully immerse themselves in their dance training outside the studio are those that truly experience growth.

Yes, it takes a leap of faith, guidance from a dedicated team, a codified training program, and your commitment to showing up. But it also takes dedication to training and nurturing your body, perseverance through at-home exercises, relentless curiosity, and peers to lean on for accountability.

After exploring numerous opportunities to provide artists with an all-encompassing training program, we could not be more excited to open our first ever Motivated Collective.

The Motivated Collective is built upon four constant pillars:

Your Intention

The first step is identifying and clarifying your intention. Why dance? How does it your serve your path as an artist and what doors will it open up? Answering these questions for yourself and setting an intention for your training will help you establish both clarity and your own personal definition of success.

Dance Roadmap

Dance training does not stop on the dance floor, but that doesn’t mean you know how to keep going. Together, we determine the public fitness and dance classes you can be taking to hone strength, flexibility, and assimilation skills. We create at-home regimens targeting your personal areas of growth supported by weekly check-ins. We curate a dance roadmap that aligns with your intention.


We are stronger in all the things together. Having access to a tribe of whole-hearted artists fighting similar battles, exploring common intentions, and persevering on their personal dance roadmap will keep you uplifted and focused. Not to mention guidance from our team, dedicated to keeping you moving towards your goals and embracing movement.


When passion meets perseverance, anything is possible. All the tools and support in the world will only go so far. You have to want to grow as a dancer and be ready to work for it understanding there are no shortcuts in dance training. We will be along for the ride, but the destination is truly up to you.

Your Motivated Collective =

Intention + Roadmap + Accountability + Grit

Are you ready for the journey?


The Motivated Collective is for any professional performing artist seeking to accelerate their growth as a dancer - ready to lean into the fear and put in the work. If dance is not your forte but you are eager to step onto every dance floor with confidence and clarity, this Collective is for you.

Each Collective is strengthened by the diversity of backgrounds, pursuits, and experiences of its members. Artists at varying levels of dance experience are welcomed, from true beginner to nearly intermediate. Your common denominator is a thirst to grow rapidly with the constant support of a community behind you.

Your personal drive met with our guidance and the support of fellow artists is bound to elevate your journey.


Membership Includes

  • Monthly meetings (online - meet from wherever you are)
  • Monthly 1:1 guidance with our Co-Founders (one free 30-minute session per month)
  • A private online network to stay connected with your Collective 24/7
  • A special rate for 1:1 Virtual and In-Person Coachings
  • Access to the the curated Motivated Collective resource list
  • Exclusive discounts on all Motivated Movers programming
  • A dance tribe to call your own


The Motivated Collective: Meets virtually the third Saturday of every month at 11am ET


Investment = $40 / month

(This rate is exclusive for our first Motivated Collective and will increase. Joining our community now guarantees you the same monthly rate for the next 3 years.)

Admittance is application-based with limited seats to ensure extraordinary dedication and wholeheartedness in each group.

You may keep your seat in the group for as long as you like. (At least three months is strongly recommended.)


This January, one year-long scholarship will be awarded. Sign up for the mailing list below to receive updates.

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Meet Your Guides

Elise Melendez - MM Headshot

One of the founders of Motivated Movers, Elise is our encyclopedia of movement training methodologies (aka "Ped Nerd"). With experience onstage, in the studio behind the table, and with her own physical obstacles - Elise is able to share relatable cross-industry perspectives. Her first priority is always identifying your authentic objectives and pairing them with an actionable, pedagogically sound plan for growth.

Jesse MM Headshot.png

The other founder of Motivated Movers, Jesse is our true "triple threat" - performing artist, choreographer, and arts educator. She brings extensive experience as dance captain, swing, choreographer, college educator, and audition goer to help you navigate every phase of the industry. Her priority is considering the whole artist - balancing the physical, emotional, and mental needs of every artist.

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