1-on-1 time with our instructors

Photo: James Jin | Video: Tim Grady Films

Private coachings are the perfect way to focus in on you and only you. Whether it’s a stepping stone towards developing the confidence to join us in a class, preparation for an upcoming audition or dream role, or even a way to dive in and more rapidly excel at dance - the beauty is no two coachings are ever the same.  A fully customizable experience just for you.

While there are many reasons to book a one-on-one coaching, here are a few ideas to get the inspiration flowing:

Virtual Coachings

  1. Build an At-Home Strengthening Routine

  2. Develop a Dance Roadmap (Path to growing quickly as a dancer)

  3. Tour/Contract Self-Care Regimen

  4. On the Road Help with Choreography and Submissions

In-Person Standard Coachings

  1. Audition or Callback Preparation

  2. Prepare for Your Dream Role

  3. Prepare for an Upcoming Contract

  4. Learn to Assimilate Choreography

  5. Successfully Complete a Pirouette

  6. Build Upon Work in Classroom

In-Person Premium Coachings

  1. Develop Choreography for Reel

  2. Learn and Film Choreography for Audition Submission



"I was feeling frustrated because I was in callbacks a lot for things where I would understudy. I hadn’t quite the resume to be able to be the principle, so they were kind of looking at me to understudy the principle and then be in the ensemble, which would have to dance, and I wasn’t getting through in the dance callbacks. So I was just feeling kind of overwhelmed, truthfully, with these dance callbacks, and I just felt like Phantom was so right for me that it would just be a shame if that’s what stopped me. So we started working together privately, and because of our work together, I felt comfortable and strong enough to be able to succeed in a dance callback. I was lucky enough that I did, and then after getting the role, during the rehearsal process, we worked together after every rehearsal. You were like my dance tutor, and we reworked things, and worked on the technique of things, and worked on getting the dance into my body and into my brain so that when I was in front of people like Cameron McIntosh and Lawrence Conner, when I was in front of the creative team, I could feel comfortable to do my best, and to be able to shine, and not feel like dance was hindering me from being able to play this role."

-Katie Travis (Christine in Phantom of the Opera Tour, '14-'16)

Your Investment

Virtual Coaching

30 Minutes = $40

1 Hour = $60

In-Person Standard Coaching
1 Hour = $100

Bundle of 3 = $280

Bundle of 6 = $540
*$10 off per Coaching

In-Person Premium Coaching

1 Hour = $125

* 10% while enrolled in a full workshop

Class Policies & Procedures