Face the Fear


Face the Fear is a 5 week audition workshop focused on preparing actors for movement calls.  There is detailed attention on technique development, learning to assimilate choreography, and adapting to stylistic movement vocabulary.  We also dig deep into one’s audition experience by dispelling the gremlins of self-doubt and comparison, highlighting one’s unique gifts as an actor while dancing, and preparing for the ins and outs of a mover call.  At the end of the workshop, a guest choreographer facilitates a formal mock audition, provides feedback, and then dives into a Q&A.


Motivated Theater Technique


Motivated Theatre Technique is the new way to take a dance class!  It takes the technical components of classical jazz training, fuses them with focus on mind/body empowerment, and wraps up with exploration and assimilation of choreography at the level of a mover call.  Classes are small and geared towards beginner dancers. The one-on-one attention, safe-space, and encouraging environment makes for a dance class unlike any others.


Motivated Mover


Motivated Mover Call is a mock audition taught by resident and guest artists so you can keep strengthening your audition skills.  The difficulty of a dance audition is you don’t get to prepare choreography ahead of time. So much of a dance call is observing how you learn, how you face challenges, how you assimilate, and how you stay true as an actor when moving.  Motivated Mover Call helps you keep flexing your audition muscle so you feel confident and prepared.


Private Coachings


Private movement coachings are the perfect way to focus in on you and only you.  Whether it’s a stepping stone towards developing the confidence to join us in a class, preparation for an upcoming audition or dream role, or even a way to dive in and more rapidly excel at dance - the beauty is no two coachings are ever the same.  A fully customizable experience just for you.