Elise Melendez

Co-founder and Executive Director of Motivated Movers now based out off Chicago. Elise brings to the dance floor a background rooted in performing, casting, choreography and extensive pedagogy training harnessed to prepare every professional and aspiring artist with both confidence and authenticity in movement.


Anna Terese Stone

As lead teaching artist in New York, Anna has spent over four years with the Motivated Community. She brings to the dance floor a background in performing and coaching that helps artists excel both mentally and physically on their path towards embracing movement.


Colleen Hayes

On every dance floor Colleen brings astute knowledge and empathy of the artists’ journey. Her time is guided by her own performance background and a commitment to education and physical training. She is a treasured newer addition to our Motivated Community.

Stephanie Card

Our newest resident teaching artist, Stephanie brings to the dance floor an extensive background as director, choreographer, and performing artist that is unmatched. She brings wisdom from all sides of the creative process along with a commitment to help every individual artist thrive.


Kristi Smith

Our resident theatre ballet guru, Kristi has a way of making both traditional and contemporary styles accessible to all artists. Her calming presence and understanding ear provide ease during the process of discovering movement.