Elevate Your Technique

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Technique Acceleration

It's time to kick it up a notch! Spend an entire month with the Motivated Movers Team as we take you through a deep dive into what it will take for you to elevate your technique to the next level. The program will focus on theatre technique, designing an at home regimen, and working 1-on-1 with our teaching artists so you start to see true progression. This is an add-on to participation in Motivated Theatre Technique and/or Face the Fear.

Come as you are and leave stronger than you were.

What the Program Entails:

  • 4 Theatre Technique Fundamental Classes (8 hours)

  • OR Face the Fear Workshop (15 hours)

  • 1 Private Coaching (1 hour)

  • 1 Alignment Call to Solidify Your Goals & Build At-Home Regimen (1 Hour)

  • Weekly Worksheets and At-Home Exercises

  • Weekly Check-Ins on Goals

  • 1 Wrap-Up Call to Solidify Your Next Steps (30 Minutes)

Walk Away With:

  • New Tools Tailored for You

  • Dedicated Attention to Theatre Dance Technique & Development

  • Consistent 1-on-1 Time

  • Strengthening & Stretching Exercises for at Home

  • Self-Critiquing Exercises Through Reflection, Video, & Guidance

  • Private Slack Channel for Questions, Contemplation, and Engagement

  • Constant Community Support

  • Unlimited Access to the Motivated Movers Team

  • Option: Add Discounted Private Coachings

Meet Your Teachers

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Elise is our encyclopedia of movement training methodologies (aka "Ped Nerd"). With experience onstage, in the studio behind the table, and with her own physical obstacles - Elise is able to share relatable cross-industry perspectives. Her first priority is always identifying your authentic objectives and pairing them with an actionable, pedagogically sound plan for growth.

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Resident Teacher

Anna has over three years of dedication to our Motivated Community. An integral part of family, she embodies our values with every step and is committed to fostering a safe-space for all artists to grow to the next level. Her warmth, expertise, and extensive teaching experience make her the ideal guide.


"I came back to the city after working regionally for a year.  I had incurred an achilles injury on one of my contracts and was generally just wary of getting back into the groove of the audition scene after two consecutive “non-dance” shows. On top of that, I have always been a bit insecure at dancer/mover calls. - And then I found motivated movers.  The classes created a safe and supportive atmosphere for me to assess and reboot my technique. 

After a month of classes, I have been able to find my center and place as a mover/dancer.  My biggest problem was that I just didn’t know where I stood.  But, in a Motivated Movers class I was able to find out and grow beyond that place.  It has been an extraordinary month of growth in technique and confidence and I am supremely grateful."

- Brittany Simmons

"I took class at a very scary and intimidating place which I will not name (but you all secretly know), and was told within the first 15 minutes that I could go get my money back because clearly this basic class was much too hard for me. A friend of mine then recommended that if I can’t even make it in basic, I should try out this class called Motivated Movers.

With heart pounding and nerves racing, I did.  I can happily say I have never felt more at home... For the first time ever, no one was making fun of me, and after just 5 classes, I booked a job - from a dance callback!" 

-Jillian Gottlieb

"The environment was supportive and relaxed. Other students felt comfortable to struggle, to not know, and to ask questions, so therefore I was comfortable to struggle and ask questions. Certain things were broken down for me for the first time so I could truly understand what was going on in my body when I put my foot here or there, when arms are in second, when you plié, etc. After experiencing that, I was hooked."

- Kathryn Grant


"What if I am an absolute beginner?"

Good news!  You are why Motivated Movers was created in the first place.  Our classes are open to all varying basic, beginner, and advanced beginner levels.  We keep class sizes small so there is plenty of room for one-on-one attention.  We also adapt the classes to fit each individual artist in the room.  Our classes will always be about YOU and your unique journey.

"What if I have already taken a workshop with you?"

That's the beauty of dance, ever evolving! You will ALWAYS find new discoveries, encounter new obstacles, and conquer new goals.  While these classes are strong introductions to the community, they are also great ways to check in, realign, go back to the basics, or prepare your mind and body for auditions ahead.


"What if I'm not 25 anymore?"

Everyone in musical theatre will encounter the need to dance, learn choreography, and/or be comfortable with movement regardless of their age.  We focus on your body and what it needs at your beautiful stage of life.  We also tailor the class to fit all artists present in the room.  

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Technique Acceleration

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