Technique Levels

Stepping into dance training takes courage, but identifying where to begin can be frustrating. The following technique levels are a guideline to help you self-identify the best level of programming for you. Think of it as a starting to point in choosing the best path, but remember they are only suggestions. We trust you know what is best, and we will support you every step of the way.

fundamentals icon.png


Our fundamentals classes are designed for artists brand new to dance. We start by providing you with the most basic knowledge of terminology, class structure, and technique concepts to help you immediately begin dancing in a healthy, holistic way during movement calls. This is your chance to get comfortable on the dance floor and start exploring how movement feels in your body. If you don’t know where to begin, start at the very beginning.



Our beginner classes are for artists who self-identify as movers needing to focus on technique development, choreography assimilation, and establishing confidence with movement. We address each of these components in a nurturing environment dedicated to building your skill set. Technique components include proper body alignment, balancing and single pirouettes,  utilizing dynamics in choreography, and exploring assimilation tools. If you are ready to instill confidence in your movement, there’s no time like the present.

adv beg icon.png


A class for artists looking to elevate their technique to the next level. Perhaps you’ve nailed that single pirouette and are looking to solidify your double. Maybe you can execute the steps but need help with picking them up quicker while layering your storytelling and presence. Our advanced beginner classes are a place to challenge the fundamentals and grow to new heights. If you are ready to confidently take class throughout the city, this is how you get there.

open icon.png


Programming for artists at varying places in their respective movement journeys. An open level class will be tailored for the dancers in the room, offering a variety of options with one-on-one attention ensuring everyone is challenged to their personal best. This is your opportunity to identify your individual needs, practice self-critique methods, and grow as a storyteller through movement amongst a supportive community. If you need a place to just dance, our door is open.